Turf Management


Thorn Lawn & Sod is now offering a complete Turf Management program that applies seven yearly applications for proper lawn care. *Centipede grass only has FIVE yearly applications.

Thorn Lawn & Sod Turf Management Program

1. Feb 11th - Preemergent -Prevents summer weeds such as crabgrass.
2. April 15th - Fungicide -This application is very important to help prevent patch disease common during late spring
3. April 22nd - Starter Fertilizer - Provides Phosphorus for root growth.
4. May 20th - Fertilizer/Insecticide - Provides essential nitrogen for top growth and color, and controls grubs and mole crickets.
5. June 24th - Expo Fertilizer - Provides nitrogen and potassium.
6. Aug 12th - Fretilizer - Produces green color without flushing top growth late in the season.
7. Oct 14th - Preemergent - Prevents Winter weeds such as poa annnua, henbit, common chickweed, etc.

Each application $59.00

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